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English Week 2019

Welcome to the English Week Web page. This week will held in IUT2 (Doyen Gosse) from 28 January to 1 February, and is organized by the Informatics Department in collaboration with the STID department.


This year, the INFO-STID "English Week" will host the following teachers :

This year the INFO department will also host the following PhD students who will present their research and talk about their work withe the INFO students.

Teaching materials

Human Computer Interaction (Julie Dugdale) INFO, STID 1A,STID 2A

Economics & Statistics (Karel Safr, Kristýna Vltavská) INFO, STID 1A, STID 2A

Computer Graphics (David Lightfoot) INFO, STID 2A

Functional Programming (Viktória ZSÓK) INFO, STID 2A

Data Visualisation (Joao Moura Pires) INFO, STID 1A

Programming in jQuery (Peter Barclay) INFO

Introduction to Reproducible research Arnaud Legrand STID

Reproducibility of experiments and analysis by others is one of the pillars of modern science. Yet, the description of experimental protocols, software, and analysis is often lacunar and rarely allows a third party to reproduce a study. Such inaccuracies have become more and more problematic and are probably the cause of the increasing number of article withdrawals even in prestigious journals and the realization by both the scientific community and the general public that many research results and studies are actually flawed and misleading. Open science is the umbrella term of the movement that strives to make scientific research, data and dissemination accessible to all levels of an inquiring society. Reproducible research encompasses the technical and social aspects of science allowing and promoting better research practices.

In this lecture, I will first give a broad overview of the challenges at stake and of emerging solutions. In particular, I will introduce the audience to the notion of literate programming and computational documents. In the second part, the practical session will be devoted to an introduction to the Jupyter notebook that allows to combine Markdown and R/Python/.. code within a single easy-to-share document.

Business Intelligence: From raw data to business presentation ( Ota Novotny, Filip Vencovsky) STID

Economic information is important for controlling, making decisions, preparing future business plans or rating organization status. There are many ways how to get economic information form raw business data – e.g. with using business intelligence methods. When the information is discovered and delivered, another challenge is to set up the company strategy, execute and present it in the manner consistent with presentations, audience and situation.

We will provide a hands-on workshop, which will guide students from analysis of raw business data, through decision among available business scenarios to elaboration of business presentation.

Students will learn how to analyze raw business data with business intelligence methods. Then they will learn scenario elaboration, execution and evaluation, which tools and media types to use in different situations. Students will work in groups (4-5 members). These groups will compete with each other to provide the best output.

We wish you a nice English Week !

Jean-Pierre Chevallet, Delphine Chollat-Namy and Nadine Lynn-Martinssons